How The Idea Originated

In the November of 2014, my family attended my Grandpa's funeral. When we got home, we were sitting around the table and I asked my family if they wanted to be buried or cremated.
My Dad was a toughie and told me to stop talking about such morbid stuff. I persevered and he said that he wanted to be cremated. A month later he died in such shocking, unexpected and sudden circumstances.
I am glad we had that conversation, he got his wish
Losing my Dad and my only son in tragic and sudden circumstances, and from my love of planners and stationery, I wanted to create something that's unique, useful but also a thoughtful keepsake for your loved ones. After a loved one passes, the next few days are full of phone calls to obtain important information from you. This planner enables all of this vital information to be kept in one place